Dedicated to preserving the history of The Old West


About Us:

Six-Gun Justice educates and enlightens the public about everyday life, including the clothing & weapons of the mid- to late-nineteenth century.


We are historical educators and reenactors presenting factual or historically-accurate  fictional recreations or entertainment.


We write historically accurate non-fictional and/or fictional skits and shows to be presented at various venues.


We look for opportunities to present historically factual or fictional authentic recreations, shows or skits about the 19th century American west.


Our Goal:

Six-Gun Justice follows very strict rules and regulations for our members that were developed by the RGA. Therefore, all adult members wanting to participating in our shows, would be required to also have current paid membership in the RGA, for insurance purposes.


Safety is the number one priority. We are dedicated to ensuring that our members follow all safety rules as well as educate the public as to this important issue. Authenticity is another area of utmost importance.

All members are asked to present themselves in the appropriate apparel representing the period.

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The Cast:

Four-eyed Jack


Bad Blake

Lil' Annie


With a special appearance by

Ben Thompson

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Interesting Old West Facts


The Dalton Gang's Last Raid 1892 Coffeyville, Kansas.


To disguise their identity, (Coffeyville was the Dalton's hometown) two of the Daltons wore false beards and wigs. Despite this, the gang was recognized as they crossed the town's wide plaza, split up and entered the two banks.


Suspicious townspeople watched through the banks' wide front windows as the robbers pulled their guns. Someone on the street shouted, "The bank is being robbed!" and the citizens quickly armed themselves - taking up firing positions around the banks.


The ensuing firefight lasted less than fifteen minutes. A brief moment in time in which four townspeople lost their lives, four members of the Dalton Gang were gunned down and a small Kansas town became part of history.